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salon culture consulting and strategies
BEYOND the chair


Our mission is to serve the salon industry through offering consulting for stylists and salon owners that want to grow their businesses by focusing on strategies beyond the chair. The ability and talent of a stylist is only one piece of creating a lucrative career. We're leaning in to conversations about overall guest experience, money, guest retention, work environment, and more. We're coaching to success. 



There are two stigmas that have a shadow over the salon industry. One - it's a hobby, not a career. I (Alicia) was told that it would "be an okay second income to whatever my husband would make" when I was 17. Two - it's an unprofessional and catty industry fueled by gossip. 
You know that feeling you get when you prove someone wrong? Yeah, we love that. We've dedicated our energy to creating two companies in the last three years that have given hairdressers, estheticians, and massage therapists a place to serve their guests, make damn good money, and be a part of a positive work culture that has turned into a second family.
We're excited to share the strategies and methods that have resulted in a million dollar company in less than three years and a place for people to flourish. 


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